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How to Read a .mobi formatted ebook

Learn how .mobi formats work, then visit our Library of Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction.


 Calibre ebook reader screenshot

Calibre ebook Reader

At S&FF, our.mobi ebook formats were created using Calibre ebook Management Software.

Calibre is a FREE and open source e-book library management application, and it can be used to read ebooks in the .mobi format.

To download and install Calibre on your computer, visit the following link: Calibre ebook Management.

Windows, Linux, and Mac versions are available.


Amazon Kindle ebook Reader

You can also read .mobi formatted ebooks on most Amazon Kindle devices and tablets running Kindle applications.

There are two methods for reading a .mobi ebook on your Kindle.


Email the .mobi file to your Kindle

To start, find your @Kindle email address.

Just touch Docs in your Kindle Menu and your @Kindle email address should be displayed. 

If not, go to https://kindle.amazon.com and click the "Manage Your Kindle" link.

Manage Your Kindle


You will need to have your Amazon Kindle account login and password ready.

On the Manage Your Kindle page, click Personal Document Settings in the left-hand column.  Your @kindle.com email address will be displayed on the resulting page.

Next, using your computer, download the .mobi file of your choice and email it to your @Kindle.com email address.  The ebook will show up on the home page of your Kindle Carousel and in your Personal Documents folder.


Direct Transfer to your Amazon Kindle

After downloading the .mobi format file to your computer, you can also use the USB/charging cable provided with your Kindle to connect the device to the computer.

Drag and drop the file to your Kindle's Documents folder, using your computer's file browser.  When the transfer is complete, right click on the Kindle's disk icon and choose eject.

Kindle is a trademark of Amazon Technologies Inc. and ScienceandFantasyFiction.com is in no way associated with Amazon.


Now you need something to read! 

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