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Spell of Flight


A Fantasy Short Story

This story was inspired by art contributed to our 2014 Art Contest by artist Rafael Gonzalez.

Rafael's imaginative scene tells a story all by itself. Whether we have matched the power of Rafael's imagery with words is yours to decide.

Victoria, a sheriff of the fairies, is trapped and tortured by a woman with a reptilian hand, a woman who is desperate to conjure a spell of flight.

Just as the woman is more than she appears to be, so Vic is a fairy not to be trifled with.

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Vic could smell her own wings burning.  Her feet were sorely singed before she caught at the one thread of possibility that might save her.

“Echela comde muha!” She shouted; the pain along her back and legs adding an unbidden emphasis to the words.  It was neither threat nor plea, for up to now no attempt at communication with her captor had yielded the slightest result.  “Kim bara to… bara to-a!”

In chant, cadence, and tone, Vic was mimicking the spell being intoned by the lizard woman.  The only thing that might save her now was that she knew the words and her captor did not.  She could read them from the spell book behind and to the right of the candle in whose flame she was being immolated.


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