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Fantasy Fiction

The Expedition, Cover Art

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The Expedition

In The Expedition, a young scribe named Yasu joins a group of explorers led by an experienced traveler, a man who believes the wealth in any adventure lies in publishing the tale.

Yasu soon learns that true wealth may come from surviving the journey.

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Falling toward me out of the writhing mass, I beheld a long glint of silver, as if the sun had been caught in a raindrop that stretched out endlessly as it fell.

I could not move in that moment, but recognized the sword Rimmer had taken forward against the beast. It was falling away from the thousand arms that had torn it blade from hilt, a long, splinter of the piece, coming right for me.

At my side, Hilgwene shuddered, her eyes gripped by the spectacle of Rimmer’s death, and as she stood unmoving, the dragon turned for her.
I moved unsteadily, backhanding Hilgwene out of the way, screaming at her to run, realizing in a flash of sidelong vision that the plummeting blade had missed me by a handbreadth, and then only because of my motion toward Hilgwene.

I don’t remember much else, but as we retreated, I found that broken steel in my grasp, cutting me by the hold I used, but still something to wave before the advancing beast.

The dragon must have been disoriented, unable to choose between so many retreating forms, for if Rimmer could not match its strength, what chance had I? But I did manage to fend off a lunge of its great, anvil head.

By the hair of a chance, we escaped through a nearby doorway and downward into corridors it could not follow.



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