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Born from Memory


 Fantasy Short Story, Disarming the Dead, by Scot Noel

by Jane Lindskold


Born from Memory takes us into familiar territory along a path we've never travelled. 

We feel we should recognize our surroundings and realize the impact of our situation, but just like Lydia fighting for the memory she cannot leave behind, it will take a journey with a dragon at our side to bring the truth to light.

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Gabe was still explaining. “Dragons savor their finds as an oenophile savors a rare vintage – and like the oenophile, they destroy what they most treasure.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“It isn’t, at least for you – not if that memory is as crucial to your peace of mind as it seems to be.”

“It is. If I can’t find out what happened, I’ll go crazy. It’s important.”

“Lydia, I know I’m the one who brought this up, but there’s a reason I don’t want you to try this. Humans are nothing more than dense bundles of memories. I’ll ask Arcadia not to eat you and he won’t, but…”

“There might be other dragons and they might not be as restrained?”

“There will be other dragons and, as soon as they get your scent, they’re going to come looking for dessert.”

“Oh…” I shrugged. “What do I have to lose?”

“A lot. You’re worried about the absence of one memory. If you’re not careful, you’re going to lose them all.”


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