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Science & Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration


Tori Hansen ink and marker work

Our contest is open to amateur artists of any age who are able to follow the contest rules and submit art for review as detailed in the Contest Description on the previous page.

How do you define "amateur artist?"

For the purposes of this contest, "amateur artist" will be defined as someone having no more than 3 paid sales or 1 sale totaling $500 or more.

Is there an age limit?

No.  We know artists who first took up the brush upon retirement or are in their 70s, just as we know high-schoolers with an abundance of imaginaiton and great technique.

What types of art are acceptable?

We're not looking for a specific type of art or technique, so whatever you do, feel free to give it a try! From photo manipulations and ink & marker work to oil, pastels, cut paper, mixed media, acrylics, and more,

Even sculpture could work, as what we're looking for as a submission is a digital image, the qualities of which can inspire a story and be considered as the cover of an e-book.

Photo Manipulations

A special note with regard to photo manipulations. Please be aware that it is not acceptable to start with an image taken from the web or any source where the copyright does not belong to you. 

May I submit Previously Completed art?

Yes.  If you have something in your portfolio or that has been submitted to other contests and it meets our requirements, we'd love to see it.  As long as it is your original art and meets the requirements and specifications in our Contest Description, send it along.

Can I submit Fan Art?

Unfortunately, no.  Fan Art generally centers around characters and situations that are not original, but are based on copyrighted material.  Therefore we cannot accept art based on the likes of Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Lord of the Rings, etc.  Don't get us wrong, we love Fan Art and think the world of you for doing it!  It's just not appropriate for this particular contest.

Are You Profiting from My Art?

No.  This website has no sales, no advertising, and makes no money at all.  The story written by Jane Lindskold, inspired by the winning art, will be given away for free.

This website is a personal fulfillment project of Scot Noel and is supported by his web development company, CME Websites {Code Media Essentials}.

Jane Lindskold is donating her time, talents, and a portion of the prize money, all to help support and celebrate the talents of amateur artists.

Our Science and Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration Contest is for fun, to celebrate amateur SF and Fantasy art, and to reward some promising amateur artists!

Will you Own My Submitted Art?

No. Copyright on all submitted art remains with the artist, including the winners. 

By submitting art, you agree to let us use it for the purpose intended.  That is, submitted art that passes the pre-qualification round will be displayed in a gallery of submitted art, both on our website and other social media venues (Facebook for example), for viewing by the public and our judges.

First Place winning art will be used as an e-book cover for a short story by award winning author Jane Lindskold.

After the contest, art will remain online for an extended, indefinite period, for the enjoyment and entertainment of our web visitors.

Will my Name be Listed Online?

During the contest, each art piece will be identified online by a number for purposes of anonymity in judging. 

After the contest, the name of the person submitting the art will be displayed along with their art. 

What are Your Criteria for Judging?

The primary goal of the contest is to celebrate amateur art that can inspire a story of science or fantasy fiction.  Each submitted art piece will be judged according to the following criteria, in priority order:

  • Ability to inspire a story of Science Fiction or Fantasy Fiction.
  • Creativity in delivering a unique or idiosyncratic vision.
  • An image composed in a way that lends itself for use as the cover of an e-book.
  • Demonstrated artistic and technical skills.
  • Ability to meet the technical requirements of submission.

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