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Science & Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration Contest


First Place Winner by Hugh Ebdy

Hugh Ebdy

I'm 21 years old, and I'm currently studying architecture in a small Scottish city called Dundee.

Hugh Ebdy - First Place winner in Science and Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration ContestI've always had a rather vivid imagination, so I suppose in that respect Sci-Fi and Fantasy appeals to me. When I was younger I read my share of fantasy fiction, but I drifted away from it mid-teens onto more conventional fiction. However, I enjoy writing, and have been writing (and re-writing and re-writing!) a fantasy story since I was about 14; so I suppose that's my connection to fantasy fiction at the moment (though I'm afraid to say I can't leak details just yet!).

Books I've just read; well this past month has seen me through Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations - both reads I would heartily recommend - and I've just started Crime and Punishment. I've been meaning to read more over this past year, but architecture takes out quite a bit of time.

I've always had an affinity for art, and when I was 16 I decided that I would buy myself a pen tablet and teach myself how to paint digitally. The goal is that perhaps sometime in the future I can (for a few years at least - there are a good number of things I want as careers) paint professionally, perhaps in the film or game industry.

Quite a number of digital artists out there do paint quite beautifully (it's great to follow and watch their work), and I think there is still some prejudice towards digital art (it being relatively new), but hopefully that will change in the future. I still do however keep up with the traditional side of things, and in November 2015 (which from an artists perspective isn't all that far away) I'll have a solo exhibition in a local library. A small one, albeit, but I need to produce a deceivingly large body of work!

I have a deviantart page here: hughebdy.deviantart.com that I update when I can. I've been meaning to set up my own website, or portfolio, for both architecture and art, but that's yet to materialize...

I'm glad you like the image. The base of it was actually an older image I'd done about a year ago now. When I came across your competition I spent a while in vain trying to think of an appropriate composition or subject for the cover.

That was at least until I returned to look over old art to see if I could inspire myself; and luck has it, I found this particular piece (at the time, just an abandoned city, in a wider shot) so I chopped it up to the correct ratio, adjusted lighting/atmosphere, and added the figures.

The last thing to be added was, ironically, the umbrella - it was more of an afterthought, but I've found on occasion afterthoughts tend to be well received. Anyway, I think, especially in illustration, it's important for a picture to a tell an interesting story, or at least, have the vague air of one that people can use to interpret in their own way. To this end, I'm trying to give my pictures that extra bit of depth - I'm still learning though, but I'll take what you say as a good sign that I'm heading the right direction.

 I have to say; I'm really rather looking forward to seeing the interpretation of the picture in writing.

A little about the piece.

My own interpretation of it deals with the story of Lydia; the woman holding the umbrella (around her mid thirties), and Arcadia; the large dragon-thing on the building.

My assumption is that there has been some sort of war - there usually is - and Lydia is attempting to survive as best she can. She at some point came across Arcadia (her nickname for it), but upon realizing the dragon-thing didn't care much for her, she decided to follow it, as it seemed to scare away danger.

So I suppose the story would be hers as she follows Arcadia in its wanderings (and perhaps befriends it), and I assume there would be some sort of climax whereupon she reaches a form of destination - spiritual, physical, or otherwise.

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