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Rowan Derrick


The Sky Shuddered, by Rowan Derrick

Rowan DerrickRowan was kind enough to provide a stunning piece of her own art for us to use as an example in getting our contest started. Let's learn about Rowan in her own words:

"Ever since I drew my first weird, blobby people with crayons, I've been hooked on art. And I've been hooked on stories for just as long. For me, art and story have always accompanied each other.

I drew what I imagined stories about, and I wrote stories about what I drew. From the first weird forays into narrative (explaining straight-faced to my father that the crying armless blob-man I had drawn was sad because he had no arms), it was always important to make sure that art had a story, and vice versa.

I've since moved on from blob-people and have tried my hand at a variety of media, from watercolors to digital art to set painting. I doodle on my notes and spend far too long trying to get the perfect photos when on vacation.

The art that accompanies science fiction and fantasy has always been important to me - both as an artist and a reader. It's art that says something about the story it accompanies, and the stories in turn inspire more art.

For me, a story that makes me want to draw it, or create something inspired by it, is a richer story. I also like looking at it the other way around, as in my sample piece.

I wanted to inspire a story, so I looked through my photos and tried to think what was provocative. The photo-manipulation I created was mostly born out of an obsession with some dramatic clouds I had photographed, and the thought that something should really be coming out of them. “The Sky Shattered” looks a little like it could be a natural disaster with meteors raining out of the sky, but I can't shake the idea that it's intentional. In my mind, it's a war story.

But another thing I love about art is that it isn't always about the artist's intentions. It could tell a different story to someone else, and still speak just as loudly."

Thank you, Rowan, that's inspiring all by itself!

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