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Science & Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration

We invited amateur artists to submit a digital image of their original work of art, with the goal of the winning art inspiring a story by Award Winning Author Jane Lindskold and becoming an eBook cover for that story. 

You can learn about our Contest rules, read about our judges, and learn more about contest winners Hugh Ebdy, Rafael Gonzalez, and Melvin Costiniano right here. 

An article about our contest appeared in the July 15th Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Contest Discussion

Jane Lindskold and Scot Noel enjoyed a dialog about the contest from its inception to completion every weekend in July.

Jane Lindskold Chooses Story Art

Jane Lindskold has chosen the art of 1st Place Winner Hugh Ebdy to inspire an original new story. 

You can learn more and read Jane Lindskold's completed story on our Born from Memory page.

It's the red umbrella, folks!  In addition to having delivered a stunning piece, one of the final details Hugh added -the red umbrella - touched the imagination of our judges and has worked in his favor with Jane Lindskold as well.

Schedule allowing, Jane will draft her new story to accompany Hugh's art in the second half of 2014. 

In the meantime, Jane Lindskold and Scot Noel will begin an interesting dialog about the contest and the wonderful art submissions we were privileged to receive.  Stay tuned.

Second and Third Place Winners Rafael and Melvin will enjoy new stories by Scot Noel to accompany their art, also by the end of the year.

Winners Announced!

Judged winners - Sciecne and Fantasy Fiction Art Contest

After reviewing 185 submissions and making some tough choices from among a great field of finalists, our judges have picked First and Second Place winners in our Art Inspiration Contest.

First Place - $400 Prize

Hugh Ebdy, a 21 year old architectural student studying in Dundee, Scotland takes First Place with his piece entitled "Apocalypse Book."

Learn more about Hugh and view a large version of his winning entry on our Hugh Ebdy page.

Second Place  - $100 Prize

Rafael Gonzalez enjoys digital painting as a hobby and lives in Connecticut.  He is 40 years old and the artists who have influenced him most are Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, and Luis Royo.

Learn more about Rafael and view a large version of his winning entry on our Rafael Gonzalez page.

Judges Comments

Judges comments reflecting some of their thoughts and considerations in the decision making process are available on our judges page.  (If you were a Finalist, you may find some comments on your piece in our judges' notes.)

Who Were Our Contributors?

During competition, we withheld artists' names, as we thought some of our judges would know some of our contributors.  This proved to be true, and some names familiar to us came very close to winning.

Now you can match our Artists Index against any numbered piece in our Submissions, Finalists, or Winners Gallery.

SFF Contest Popular PrizePopular Prize - $100 Prize

In addition to the judged prizes, popular voting was available on our Facebook contest page.

Melvin Costiniano is our popular prize winner. 

Melvin says:

 "I love comic book superheroes, and one of the reasons is the war between good and evil.

In my artwork "Angel's Blood", it is my belief -my hope- that good, whether it be justice or truth, will triumph regardless of the odds or the cost."

Learn more about Melvin and view a large version of his winning entry on our Melvin Costiniano page.


Stories will be Written!

Now that winners have been selected, Jane Lindskold will choose which of the 3 Award Winners has inspired the creation of an original tale of Science Fiction or Fantasy Fiction. 

The reasons for Jane's choice will be revealed in an online discussion between Jane Lindskold and Scot Noel regarding the qualities of all 3 winning art pieces.

Of course, all three pieces deserve their own stories, and Scot Noel will pen tales for the remaining two winners.

These stories will be given away as free e-Books from the Library of Science and Fantasy Fiction sometime in the second half of 2014.

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Contest Description

We invited amateur artists to submit a digital image of their original work of art. 

  • Art may be in any medium; however, the digital image submitted must evoke in its presentation a tale of science or fantasy fiction.
  • Ideally be composed in a way that lends itself to being "cover art," where adding a story title and author byline is practical.
  • No more than 3 entries per artist
  • For the purposes of this contest, "amateur artist" is defined as someone having no more than 3 paid sales or 1 sale totaling $500 or more.
  • Technical: Submit your art in a format suitable for web display
    • File Type.: .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf
    • Dimensions: Approximately 1000 pixels wide by 1294 pixels high.  (Proportional to a 10 X 13 inch display). 
    • 72 - 300 DPI (For those who think in terms of DPI)
    • File Size: 1-10 Mb.

Judging Criteria

The primary goal of the contest is to celebrate amateur art that can inspire a story of science or fantasy fiction.  Each submitted art piece will be judged according to the following criteria, in priority order:

  • Ability to inspire a story of Science Fiction or Fantasy Fiction.
  • Creativity in delivering a unique or idiosyncratic vision.
  • An image composed in a way that lends itself for use as the cover of an e-book.
  • Demonstrated artistic and technical skills.
  • Ability to meet the technical requirements of submission.

Visit our Contest Rules page and FAQs page for more details.

Explore our Library

Visit our Library for intriguing tales of Science and Fantasy Fiction.

One piece of winning art will inspire a Story by Award Winning Author Jane Lindskold

Artemis Awakening, by Jane LindskoldWhen author Jane Lindskold heard about this contest, she was immediately very enthusiastic.

She's always felt thrilled and honored when fans show her art inspired by her novels.

In fact, the cover art for her newly released novel Artemis Awakening is directly inspired by a friend's art.

(At right is cover art for Jane's latest novel Artemis Awakening, and below that a sketch by Jane's friend Cale Mims, which helped Jane set Artemis Awakening, inspirational sketch by Cale Mims the tone for the final cover by artist Cliff Nielsen.

You can read about the journey from sketch to cover art by visiting Jane Lindskold's Blog.)

Jane also admits to having rather passionate opinions about cover art in general.

Because of all of this, Jane asked if she could be a sponsor of the contest and write a story to be inspired by one of the three award winners.

Throughout her career, Jane has felt great support from her fans, some of whom express themselves by creating and sharing imaginative art. 

Tori Hanson fan art pack for Jane LindskoldThe example at right is Fan Art depicting characters and themes from several of Jane Lindskold's novels. 

Emblazoned on a backpack, this art was created by Tori Hansen.

Over the years, Jane Lindskold has written a number of blog pieces concerning her opinions and experiences with regard to cover art.  You can read them on the TOR BOOKs website by visiting Author Blogs by Jane Lindskold.

For the story of how we met Jane Lindskold during the development of the computer game Chronomaster, read Jane's blog entry Chronomaster of Friendship.

Scot Noel and his wife Jane Noel are both devoted fans of Jane Lindskold's works and are eagerly looking forward to the release of Artemis Awakening.  Some of our favorite Jane Lindskold works include Changer and Changer's Daughter, and we currently have a book review onsite for Thirteen Orphans.

Special Thanks

to Rowan Derrick and Tori Hansen


Example Art Pieces provided by Rowan Derrick (left) and Tori Hansen (right)


Jane Lindskold fans (and friends) Rowan Derrick and Tori Hansen were kind enough to provide art samples to help demonstrate the range of submissions we're looking for.

Rowan has supplied the photo manipulation at left entitled The Sky Shuddered, and Tori produced the evocative alien crash scene at right using color markers and ink.

Both Tori and Rowan submitted entries that made it to our Finalists Gallery and that received discussion in the final voting rounds!  Congratulations to you both.

  • You can learn more about Rowan and her art on our Rowan Derrick page.

From photo manipulations and ink & marker work to oil, pastels, cut paper, mixed media, acrylics, even sculpture; we're looking for images that evoke science and fantasy fiction stories caught in mid-action, which is where most good tales begin.