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Featured Cover Art

Art for The Magic of the Rose, by Frank Schurter

The Magic of the Rose

Dashing young heroes and the beautiful women who love them are common enough in Fantasy.  In The Magic of the Rose we explore different territory.

Root is a young mage whom fate has left with a deformed face, clawed hands, and stumps for legs.  Yet love comes to us all, and Root's hopes center on his forbidden correspondence with a novitiate at the Abbey of Aranwae.

For her part, Fross knows nothing of love and, if asked, could not even answer why she responds to Root's secretive and impassioned missives.

When a series of murders, committed by a gruesome magic bring Root and Fross closer together, the fate of the Kingdom may hang in the balance.


The art for The Magic of the Rose is from artist Frank Schurter.  We enjoyed the privilege of working with Frank for a number of years at DreamForge Intertainment, a computer game company that released many great games in the 90's, from Dungeon's & Dragon's titles like Ravenloft and Menzoberranzan to the cult classic Sanitarium.

We believe his art for The Magic of the Rose captures the essence of the story at a glance, and no author could ask for more.

These days Frank is a Multimedia Instructor at Pittsburgh Technical Institute, but he occasionally finds time to contribute to our site and we always look forward to his next creation.

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