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    Magic of the Rose

    A crippled young mage named Root finds forbidden
    love and becomes involved in a series of murders
    that could bring down a kingdom.

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    The hot and the trendy are too easy for us. Yet where the spotlight has faded, the character of good work remains. Find your next favorite “hidden treasure” here.

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    Imaging the Imagination

    Art excites the imagination, bestowing a favorable judgment upon the words before us, even before they themselves have had the chance to tell their own, full story.

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Jane Lindskold Chooses Story Cover

As you know, one of the winners of our Art Inspiration Contest will have their art inspire an original story by award winning author Jane Lindskold.

Jane has made her choice!  Visit our Art Contest page to learn more.


Winners have been Chosen!

On 6/15/14, our Contest Judges announced the Winners of the Science and Fantasy Fiction Art Inspiration Contest.

Visit our Winners Gallery, and then learn more about

Visit our Facebook Gallery to see how your work might have done in the Popular Voting, and our Judges page to see if comments were made on your submitted work.

New Sci Fi Max online

Our friends at Sci Fi Max have launched a new issue, filled with short stories, exceptional artwork, scale model building, comics, and more.

Check it out at Sci Fi Max, Issue #00


NEW Steampunk Novella

Gunga Din in Pitts Borough

Kyle Higginbothan of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and his wartime companion, a bastard and homeless son of British Injia, find themselves on assignment in the New World, solving the murder of a factory baron in Pitts Borough.  

Could a Revolution of the fairer sex be behind the killing?

Available Formats

FlipBook | FlipBook Mobile

PDF Version | MOBI/Kindle Version  (Visit our MOBI page to learn more.)


Science and Fantasy Fiction BlogThe SFF Blog Continues

Visit the S&FF Blog.  Scot is rereading Alan Wiesman's The World Without Us and coming up with some interesting observations.  Would the world really be better off without us?



From Essays to Book Reviews, we occasionally have things to say.  This month, we ask the question, "Can Science Fiction Predict the Future?" in our essay entitles Future Blind.  Read more...