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  • Born from Memory

    Inspired by First Place Art Inspiration
    winner, Hugh Ebdy.

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  • Featured Story

    Magic of the Rose

    A crippled young mage named Root finds forbidden
    love and becomes involved in a series of murders
    that could bring down a kingdom.

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    Exploring the Shelves

    The hot and the trendy are too easy for us. Yet where the spotlight has faded, the character of good work remains. Find your next favorite “hidden treasure” here.

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  • The Art of S&FF

    Imaging the Imagination

    Art excites the imagination, bestowing a favorable judgment upon the words before us, even before they themselves have had the chance to tell their own, full story.

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Fantasy Fiction

Compelling characters.  Alluring worlds of power and enchantment.

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Explore our collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction.  Free online.

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Science Fiction

Worlds that await us, or which parallel the possibilities of our own.

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News and Announcements

New Flash Fiction Online

The Entropy of Isfahan 

Here's a story about the end of the universe; not the Apocalypse mind you, but the true end of the universe, well past 3 trillion years from now.

Only one dim star remains. Circling this last ember of warmth in the endless dark, a collection of memories holds in its failing grasp all that remains of the time before all the galaxies went dark.

While there are no humans in this story, integrity, perseverance, and a kind of indomitable spirit hold the line against the end of time.

Visit our story page for The Entropy of Isfahan.

SciFi Max, Cyberpunk IssueNew Sci Fi Max online

Our friends at Sci Fi Max have launched a new issue, filled with original stories, artwork, comine prieviews, and more. 

This is a special cyberpunk theme issue.

Check it out at SciFiMax Special #1

For more SciFi Max, the last issue is available at Sci Fi Max, Issue #00

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From Essays to Book Reviews, we occasionally have things to say.  This month, we ask the question, "Can Science Fiction Predict the Future?" in our essay entitles Future Blind.  Read more...