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  • Born from Memory

    Inspired by First Place Art Inspiration
    winner, Hugh Ebdy.

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    Magic of the Rose

    A crippled young mage named Root finds forbidden
    love and becomes involved in a series of murders
    that could bring down a kingdom.

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    The hot and the trendy are too easy for us. Yet where the spotlight has faded, the character of good work remains. Find your next favorite “hidden treasure” here.

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    Imaging the Imagination

    Art excites the imagination, bestowing a favorable judgment upon the words before us, even before they themselves have had the chance to tell their own, full story.

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New Short Story

Spell of Flight

Leaving Vic’s sight for only a moment, the woman returned with a leather pouch cinched tight. Its sides bulged in the shape of an apple, though it appeared to have little weight.  When the woman worked at the ties with her blade-sharp nails, a translucent vapor touched with golden light escaped the neck.

It was more fairy dust than Vic had ever seen in one place and time, or even knew was possible to accumulate.

“The sorceress transmuted this for you before her death,” Vic theorized. “She set the fairy traps for you too.”

Once more, the woman shook Vic’s cage.  Violently.

“It’s… it’s more than enough,” Vic allowed.

“Scheming midge.  This won’t be yours!”  The woman grasped the pouch tightly, squeezing a small cloud of fairy dust into the air between them.

For more, visit our story page for Spell of Flight.



From Essays to Book Reviews, we occasionally have things to say.  This month, we ask the question, "Can Science Fiction Predict the Future?" in our essay entitled Future Blind.  Read more...